Game Design Projects




Game Jam #1

I joined a game jam with 5 others through 3 days to make a game, the theme was Dreams & Nightmares and we took the hardcore mode: No words or text (excl Titlescreen). It was an amazing and awesome experience! For this project I did a combination of Concept Art, 2D Art (scenes and background) and the sound. 

Game Jam #2

I joined a game jam with 2 others through 3 days to make a game, the theme was Fantasy. I did the Background art (pixelart), prologue story intro and Titlescreen. I have a great love for both Fantasy and Pixelart!

Game Jam #3

This game jam was a combination of Fantasy and Multiple Timelines and we decided to make it like an adventure game with choices (a bit like a Visual Novel). I teamed up with a writer and a developer, where I did all the art. 

Point & Click 2-D Adventure (PIXELART)

I have a great love for the classic Point and Click Adventure games. After playing the remake of Day of the Tentacle I got inspired to explore the world of Pixelart. I very quickly found it to be something that was quite easy to do and through that I started my next project! For this project I am using Unity and a special plugin for these types of games.

Visual Novel Dating Simulation

A romance story that is all about choices and influence, with a big dosis of humor. The player has 3 days to get her perfect romance at the special resort, or leave empty handed. Finished the working demo (prototype) for the Otome Dating Sim Game jam. You can play (and rate) the version by clicking the button below!

Twine  RPG

This game was an initiative through a game design project started by the Prince Claus Fund. 

This game combines writing, art and RPG’s into one, all my favorites. And through TWINE it is really easy to make something without having to spent a lot of time on programming. I learned a lot about game design, planning and project management through this. And now Twine has become a wonderful tool for me to plan out the concept for a game or the story.

Survival game (Mobile)

I love reading stories about people surviving on an island and inspired by this concept I worked on my own survival game based, using dice rolls to see what would happen. This concept quickly grew out into a mobile game that I am working on.


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